Handcrafting our soap with sheep milk for over 20 years in small batches from beginning to final product . This is not a melt and pour base with milk added but a basic recipe I have been developing . Our soap is moisturizing and good for your skin. I now add persimmon and green tea. Without losing any of the richness we were already getting with the milk the tannins from these act as a natural deodorizer. Often due to aging or health reasons people get  what is Nonenal smell or what people call the "old people smell". This has long been used by other cultures to reduce or eliminate with these tannins added. Lightly scented with fragrance oils our bars are usually 3.5 ounces a nice size to fit in your hand.                                     The colors are never the same but, all have the great properties you get from sheep milk and green tea are the same.