About Us

   We moved to Missouri from Wisconsin to start up the first Missouri licensed sheep dairy and cheese plant in 1996. Our farm was 150 acres on an a hilly dirt road. During this time while making award winning cheese from our sheep milk I was looking for other ways to use the milk. This is when I started making soaps and lotions because of the great benefits of sheep milk.  We have now retired and moved to a new house on 5 acres mostly wooded with springs running through them. Everything was so over grown we couldn't hardly walk through the woods or get to the springs. So with a lot of hard work from Rick and help from someone with the right equipment we have started clearing everything. This is where we thought up our name Bramble Springs.

  Rick likes to work out side most of the time, while I like to make things. So this website is to share with you things we make and our new home adventure.